Wednesday, August 1, 2012

In Surgery

Hi All, thank you so much for the prayers and thoughts.  We are feeling the strength from all of you.  Meara is beginning the surgical part of the procedure right now.  The past few hours were the catheter and pick line (sp?).  She did a really good job visiting with the different doctors back in pre-op and did fine when we we kissed her goodnight in the operating room.  She was very brave.  Keep praying for the surgeon and his team.  We are so grateful that you are out there sending love and warmth and lifting her and us up right now.

Sending my own thoughts to my shining are more beautiful than anything I know.  Your gentle hands and loving heart remind your Mommy and I how lucky we are to be your parents.  We love you Peanut.  You are very strong.

Thank you to Douglas and Tifara for reaching out to us during our decision to follow this path.  Your love and support has been instrumental in helping us feel more connected and prepared for what is happening.  Dakota and Cheyenne are very lucky to have you as parents. Thanks also for contacting Belinda.  She has been wonderful to us today.

More to come...thanks everyone.

Aaron & Megan

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