Monday, July 30, 2012

Surgery Times

Hi All,

First, thanks so much for the positive and loving response.  We feel enveloped by your prayers.  They are making a difference already.

Second, I realized that I didn't include the actual surgery times, etc.  Here is a rundown of what is happening when:

Tuesday, July 31 - CT Scan at 1:00pm and Neurology appointment at 3:00pm.  Then headed back home.

Wednesday, August 1 - Arrive at Children's Hospital Denver at 6:00am and surgery will begin at 8:00am.  The surgery will last 6-7 hours.  They will be opening up her brain to lay down electrodes.  When they sew her back up the electrode wires will be hooked up to the EEG.  After the surgery she will likely sleep throughout the remaining afternoon/evening and through the night.  She will be in the ICU that night and then moved to the epilepsy unit after that.

During the course of the week the doctors will capture seizure activity and then conference to determine how much of her brain they will remove.  The second surgery is tentatively scheduled for August 8.  It could be delayed if they need to capture more activity.  No matter what, they won't allow her to go longer than two weeks with the electrodes in.  The second surgery will also last about 7 hours.

After the second surgery we will know the extent of our hospital stay for recovery.  The amount of rehabilitation will dictate how long we need to stay.

We probably won't post again until Wednesday (surgery day) but wanted to say once again how grateful we are for your thoughts and prayers.

Aaron & Megan


  1. We are wishing you guys luck and sending lots of love and prayers for tomorrow!!

    1. Thanks Jenny. We are very grateful for the love and prayers!