Friday, August 24, 2012

No more drain and no more bird's nest...

Hi All,

Meara had a really good day.  She skipped most of her pain meds today and she started the new antibiotics.  Neurosurgery removed the drain from her head today and the fluid hasn't built back up yet (knock on wood).  Hopefully if we can go a few days with her not needing another drain put back in then they'll get us out of here.  I'm hoping next week.  

She did a great job at therapy today.  A group of firefighters visited her in the therapy room and gave Meara a firefighter helmet.  The therapists then took her outside to play on the grass and she had a great time.

Meara is back to being her antsy self.  She even got a bath today and Mommy washed her hair for the first time in 24 days.  It was a major bird's nest.  Woot woot!

Her "lefty" keeps making good progress.  She'll have outpatient physical and occupational therapy to continue working on her motor function.  The surgeon remarked when he came by this evening that when she smiled he saw both sides of her mouth arch up in her smile (that wasn't the case until today).  So that is great, maybe it won't take long at all for her brain to rewire the motor loss in her face (knock on wood).

Is it possible to watch Ratatouille this much?  I love food but I'm pretty sure I have every line of this movie memorized at this point.

Thanks everyone for lifting us up!

Love and Gratitude,
Aaron & Megan

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