Sunday, August 26, 2012

No Discharge, White Cell Count Back Up

Hi All,

Pdfff…I spoke too soon.  This morning the surgeon was talking about discharge tomorrow and then by afternoon when the labs came back they reconsidered.  Her white cell count is back up so they said we are here at least through the middle of the week.  

Also, the new antibiotics are giving her massive belly pains so this afternoon was pretty tough.  If the belly pains persist we aren't going to be able to go home on them which begs me to wonder if they switch us to a new antibiotic how long we'll be here for that. 

Meara had speech today and also OT.  After that though the belly pain started in and lasted from about noon until 7:00pm so we didn't get anything accomplished.

Ready to be home.  Ready to be home.  Ready to be home.

Alright, how can I muster up a positive ending…oh, no seizures!  There we go.  That does it.  :)

Deep thought, moment of reflection time:  Weariness is so exhausting!  Trying not to be marooned in listless weather is completely laborsome.  Stress has this gravitational pull that could present itself as endless sometimes.  As the weight increases it feels as though the doors are closing in.   It's like every bone in my body is being dragged down and my knees are getting skinned up on the pavement.  There is literally nothing else to do but rest.  Just rest and learn to revive and receive the self that I'd been neglecting.  I've got to learn to be excessively gentle with myself.  Note to self: please learn to return to yourself.  Please be like the rain that falls slow and free.  It's so stinking hard to do.

Alright, nighty night folks.  Keep bringing that sunshine and lingering of goodness.

Love and Gratitude,
Aaron & Megan

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  1. Aaron & Meagan, Hang in there and hold on! Keep telling yourself that in spite of the obstacles and the circumstances you will all get through this with God's help. I speak from personal experience having been in the hospital with my daughter from year one until she was about 16. Just as you do, we had great support from friends and family. We are still praying and lifting you all up. Prayers that Meara white blood count will go back to normal and that the infection will clear. What you are feeling is completely normal the exhaustion and discouragement but that does not make it any easier. Dear Father, I pray that your perfect peace and strength will come into and all over Aaron and Meagan and give them Your strength in their weakness, just as you promise in Your Word. Please restore their minds, bodies and spirits so that they can continue to do what they need to do for themselves and for precious Meara.