Saturday, August 18, 2012

Therapy Begins

Hi All,

Hope everyone had a good Saturday.  Today was rougher than yesterday.  Her swelling on the right side was pretty bad today and she was in a great deal of pain.  They just finished up putting a drain in her head (between the scalp and bone flap).   The drain is connected to a container that will measure how much fluid in draining out.  It uses pressure to drain the fluid.  

Hopefully this will relieve her pain and she'll be able to be more active at her therapy sessions tomorrow.  Today she had speech and PT and OT.  It was during PT/OT that she had a good amount of drainage from her incision area and sort of led to the decision to put the drain in.  

We are officially at the two and a half week mark for hospital stay.  I think we are ready to be home again.  We aren't going to rush this.  Just acknowledging that we are a bit tired and drained.  We were up every 1-2 hours throughout the night taking Meara to the bathroom.  It is a good thing that she is using the bathroom and walking to get there from the bed.

Much love to everyone.  Sorry so short today.  Just really tired and needing a good sleep.

Love and Gratitude,
Aaron & Megan

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