Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Three Weeks (Officially)

Hi All,

Another good day.  Meara had productive therapy and she has been laughing at my fart jokes.  Monkey farts to be exact.

She was nauseous most of the day so she really didn't eat until lunch time but she kind of perked up in afternoon therapy.  We are trying to get her to bed earlier in the hopes that she'll feel better when she wakes up.  

We went downstairs to the cafeteria for lunch.  Meara walked most of the way and then she rode in the wagon.

We also got another visit from a doggie!  Sweet!

Christy braved the highways and brought Will, Adaline, and Ainsley to visit today.  Bam!  That is a supermom right there.  Ainsley is loving her cousins.

Thanks to our phantom visitor (Beth) who snuck in during the wee morning to drop off delicious breakfast pastries and delights.  Bam!  

Chris visited too and brought no bake chocolate peanut butter cookies.  Or as the lady at the front desk said to Chris "we used to call those boiled cookies".  Okay.  All I know is that they taste really good.

Still no word on when we get to go home.  Every day she does better the more she earns points so hopefully we are making steps.

Deep thought for today:  i wonder why it is that we are so afraid of losing something.  Fear is crippling.  Yielding is not a weakness, is it?  Or is it a paradox?  You know, like water.  It is one of the most powerful elements here on earth but yet when it runs down stream it bends, finds new pathways, goes around rocks.  It's as if it understands that in order to be strong it must yield and bend to the obstacles in it's way.  I think of Meara and how she has bent, yielded, and gone around the obstacles in front of her.  She didn't destroy the obstacle, she didn't declare war on it.  She simply knew that in order to be strong she must yield.  Does this paradox provide the recipe for peace, for harmony? Does it change the way we live?  To not be in fear but accept that we don't have to live a forceful life in order to be strong and courageous.  I hope to find the simple truths in life so that my daughter will see that there is something more meaningful in life than just the materialistic values that reside on the surface.  Although, perhaps she already knows and lives this and in fact, she is actually my teacher and I am her student.  Hmm…

Love to everyone.

Love and Gratitude,
Aaron & Megan

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