Monday, August 27, 2012

Could it be?

Hi All,

Well, I am hoping that this is the last blog we will post from the hospital.  The discharge orders have been given and we have a date with home health tomorrow to discuss the IV meds we are going home with.  Looks like we'll be cruising out of here sometime in the afternoon.

I'm not going to believe it until we are in the car headed home.

Meara's surgery was a success.  She is her normal self, personality in tact.  Everything about her is the Meara we have always known…without the seizures!

Thank you to Christy for taking such good care of our Ainsley this past week.  Thank you to Matt for lending us your better half and thank you to cousins Will and Adaline for making Ainsley happy throughout the day.  We are sad to see you go tomorrow but I know that your Dad is eagerly awaiting your return.  Thanks Matt for giving them up for a week so they could be here to help us.

Chris and Dave came by and brought us dinner, again!  Thanks for the delicious food and for playing candy land with us.

Looking forward to writing tomorrow's blog from our couch at home!  

Love and Gratitude,
Aaron & Megan

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