Sunday, August 19, 2012


Hi All,

Meara had a rough couple of days.  She's had a fever, is in a lot of pain, and has basically been in and out of sleep.  She is still getting up to go to the bathroom which is great and she's walking there.  Her left leg is really coming along and she used her left arm to hold on to the toilet seat and to grab on to my shoulder as she was getting off.  That is really important  to see.  We had to cancel her therapy appointments today because of her pain and her inactivity.  Sorry to everyone who had wanted to visit this weekend.  She's not saying much to us and isn't really awake all that much. 

They have had the drain in her head as of yesterday and quite a bit of fluid has drained since. That is good, it means that the drain is needed.  Even though the grids were sent off for culture after the surgery and they came back without infection the fluid that is draining from her head does indicate infection. They are starting her on IV antibiotics today.  The nurse said it is really effective and will clear up the infection.  How long she'll be on the antibiotics we aren't sure.  Minimum is likely a couple of weeks.  It isn't uncommon for patients with the grids in for longer than a week to have a infection.  Meara's were in for two weeks so it was bound to happen.  The doctors sort of expected it and once the antibiotics are working she should start to feel better and then be more active again.

She's on four different pain meds at the moment and is sleeping nice so hopefully that is helping too.

Aunt Mindy headed home today.  She is an angel.  Thank you Mindy for being there for us and for taking such good care of Ainsley.  Ainsley really loved having Aunt Mindy around.  They developed a really special bond.  We won't ever forget this Mindy.  We are so grateful for you.

To my Foothill Peeps, good luck on your first full week with kids.  Yikes!  You'll do great!  Miss you guys so much.

Thanks everyone for the continued prayers…

Love and Gratitude,
Aaron & Megan

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