Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving at the Hospital

Hi All,

Last night around 8:00pm we checked Meara into the ER at Childrens Hospital.  She had a fever of 105 and her head was filled back up with fluid and causing her extreme pain.  We spent the night in the ER while the doctors tried to figure out what to do.  They admitted Meara to the hospital around 10ish this morning and we are back up on the 6th floor.  She has a subdural drain that is continuously taking the fluid out of her head.  She is also on IV antibiotics.  They suspect an infection in the fluid but it will take 48 hrs for the culture to tell anything and in the mean time they have her on the antibiotics just in case.  If the culture comes back positive for infection it means Meara will be here for a indefinite amount of time until the infection is cleared up and she doesn't require the IV meds anymore.  If it comes back negative and the fluid build up in her brain can be figured out then I suspect we could talk about going home again.  At this point, it is wait and see.

So Thanksgiving at the hospital.  It is really quiet here today.  

We'll update more as we know more…thankful for generous people who without their help we wouldn't be able to face the continuing expense of this roller coaster of medical visits, stays, consultations, treatments, etc.  Thankful for my Mom who has stayed here in CO to help take care of Ainsley throughout all of this.  Also thankful for amazing medical staff who love our daughter and just want her well.  Very thankful for those who have reached out with words of encouragement, positive light, and loving prayers.

Love to all!

Peace, love, and gratitude,
Aaron & Megan

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