Wednesday, November 13, 2013

PICU for the night...

Dear All,

We are up in the PICU and Meara is on some heavy meds for pain and for nausea related to coming off of the anesthesia.  She is in some major pain from the pressure build up in her head and the incision site.  We are still trying to get the meds dialed in right but this was the same as the last two times so the pain isn't a big surprise.  She's being very brave and strong.

Meara is able to move her legs and both arms and hands.  We were expecting motor loss in her legs so this is really promising.  She will still be weak for sure but hopefully it means that we can start physical therapy stronger and make gains faster.  

The surgeon made the decision while in surgery to entirely disconnect the frontal lobe (on her right side) and only resect the portion that appeared as abnormal tissue.  This means that her frontal lobe is gone in terms of use but physically a large portion of the tissue remains.  The portion that they resected was sent for testing.  The surgeon said that everything went exactly as he wanted and very smoothly.  

The surgeon was able to avoid her primary motor strip entirely (amazing news!) because scar tissue from the previous surgery helped him locate that area.  We fully expect weakness on her left side but seeing her motor function is a huge confidence boost.  

The neurologist, nurse practitioners, surgeon, and nurses have all checked in on her here in the PICU and are happy with how she is responding.

We will be in the PICU overnight and then be transferred to the sixth floor tomorrow.  

Once gain, Megan and I want to thank you for the incredible support that you have provided us.  Personal correspondence will come, we promise!  For now, hopefully the blog and this update on the GiveForward site will be enough to keep us connected while we make these transitions.

All our love and gratitude,
Aaron & Megan

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  1. Awesome news! Thank you for sharing. I find myself going online every hour or so just to see if some new tidbit about Meara has appeared. That little girl has a heck of a lot of good energy coming her way from so many Edrington Fans. xo