Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Surgery Update

UPDATE: 12:45pm

The OR nurse just called to let us know that the surgeon has finished resecting the lesion and they will begin the process of closing her back up.  The nurse said that Meara is doing great and that everything went smoothly.  I asked if the surgeon got all of the affected area out that he wanted and he said his impression was yes.

The surgeon will meet with us around 1:45-2:00pm to go over what happened and how everything went.  Meara will be transported to the PICU for the night and then we go from there.  We'll get to see her soon.

I'll post a picture of her as soon as I can get one.  Thanks to James and Chris for keeping us company and helping pass the time.

We feel the love, we see the purple, and we are embracing all of the light.  Meara is enveloped by all of your strong prayers, well wishes, and support.

Much love to everyone,
Aaron & Megan


Meara went back in to the OR at 7:50am.  She was laughing and joking with all of the doctors as they made their rounds into the pre-op exam to go through the surgery checklist with her.  All of the doctors and nurses were super nice and made a point of connecting with her.

Meara was smiling and laying still on the OR bed while they were putting the mask on her.  She fell asleep quickly.  Since this is our third time going through this scenario I was able to hold back the tears until after she fell asleep.  I made it halfway through the surgery wing before it unleashed.  Belinda, our super receptionist out front gave us a huge bear hug when we walked out.

Two awesome surprises, our friends Chris Short and James Brittenham showed up to keep us company.

The OR nurse called at 10:25 to give an update.  The surgeon started at 10:10.  Meara's vitals are good and stable.  She's doing great.

More when we have it...

Love to all,
Aaron & Megan

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