Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Week at Home...

Wish we could say that the goal of the surgery was achieved (complete seizure control) but alas it seems that we aren't done figuring this out. The good...that Meara is herself and she is active.

Who knows what this all means in terms of moving forward. Megan and I are figuring out that the brain really is the last frontier in medicine (at least it seems). There is so much uncertainty and wonder involved. 

We still hope that miraculously Meara will wake up one day and never have a seizure again. Nothing wrong with hope. For now, we are focused on the fact that she came out of surgery with such small deficits and that she will be able to go back to school after Thanksgiving break.

We have a follow up appointment with our neurologist on December 23rd to discuss where we go from here.

We want to again, thank every one of you that offered your words of encouragement, your prayers and positive light, and the generous financial help that was given to us to help eliminate our medical expenses.  It is easy to feel discouraged about what we didn't get out of the surgery but it is a huge source of strength having your help and embrace on this journey.

Meara has a follow up with neurosurgery tomorrow morning for a head wound check.  Meara also still has quite a bit of fluid between her scalp and skull that should (hopefully) go away on its own soon.

Peace and love to everyone.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We are thankful for every single one of you. Thank you for loving us.

All our gratitude,
Aaron & Megan

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