Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pre-Op and Peace for Tomorrow...

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We are feeling so loved and supported by our family, friends, colleagues and students.  To say that we are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support is an understatement.  You have given our family a new beginning.  The ability to let go, to focus on helping Meara get through this next part of her journey.  We are so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by your love, generosity, and compassion. Thank you is not enough to express the depth of our gratitude.

Today we took Meara to children's for a CTscan, blood work and nurses visit. 

Meara's surgery is now scheduled for 7:30 tomorrow morning. It will last approximately 6 hours. The surgeon will be removing a part of her frontal lobe and we expect her to lose supplemental motor function in both of her legs.  The doctors are optimistic that she will regain motor function after a week of physical therapy.  She might be weak for awhile.  We know for sure that she will lose visual spatial function but some of her doctors feel that this function can be rewired to a different part of the brain over time.  

After surgery she will be transported up to the ICU where she'll spend at least Wednesday night. She'll be on heavy meds.  Morphine worked really well last time and as soon as she got her dose she was relaxed and at peace. As soon as she is able, they will move Meara upstairs where she'll start her physical therapy and recovery.   

November is Epilepsy Awareness month. If you are willing and able, wear purple tomorrow to support Meara and the over 65 million people who live with epilepsy every day.

We love all of you and we are so incredibly humbled by the words of affirmation, the financial support, and the prayers and positive thoughts that you have sent our way.  We feel strong.  Meara is strong.  Although the idea of this type of experience can take your breath away we have been through this before and know what kind of things to expect.  Meara knows what is going to happen and she is being incredibly brave about the whole situation.  She knows she is loved and we've shared all of your thoughts and words of encouragement with her.  She knows she has a team underneath her lifting her up.  From deep down in the depths of our hearts…thank you for supporting our family. Words cannot possibly express our immense gratitude for all of you in our lives.

We will be posting updates starting at 7:30 tomorrow morning.  The nurses usually call us from the OR every couple hours to give us updates on how the surgery is progressing.  I will try to update the blog then.  As soon as she is moved to ICU we will continue to update as well.

She will do well.  She is surrounded by love and light and she is strong.  Peace to all of you.

All our love,
Aaron & Megan

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  1. Our continued prayers will be lifted up day and night. She will be held by angels and fly on the wings of eagles.