Saturday, November 16, 2013

Clearing Hurdles...

Dear All,

Meara is doing great. Friday morning she had PT and OT in the therapy gym and she was tossing a beach ball back and forth (catching with both hands). Mr. B would be proud. She was also able to walk up and down stairs (4 steps) by herself using the hand rail. Truly amazing considering we thought she'd lose her supplemental motor in both legs and that she'd need at least a week of intense PT to get it back. From a therapy standpoint she's cleared to go home.

Neurosurgery is close to clearing Meara to go home. Her incision is healing well and the swelling on her right side is starting to go away. The fluid buildup on the right side of her face gets absorbed into her head and into the body so usually there isn't a drain needed. Last surgery we needed one because of the infection.

Meara also has been going to the bathroom like normal starting this morning. That was also a hurdle to clear for discharge so woohoo! 

Basically the only things that are keeping us here are trying to get her to eat more, see if we can wean down to the Tylenol and ibuprofen (and off the heavy meds like Oxy and the steroid for swelling), and then see what the neurologists want to do in terms of meds/treatment for the current seizures.

We still aren't giving up hope. I've been sleeping with Meara in the hospital bed to keep track of her seizures. I didn't wake up as much last night, maybe two or three I counted. I'm hoping that I didn't sleep through others. We are holding out hope that the seizures are decreasing in frequency. Keep believing. 

Again, we are so grateful for all of you rooting Meara and our family on. It is such a huge source of strength. It really does take a village. I'm honest enough to recognize and appreciate that there is no way Megan and I could do this alone. Every single one of you that has reached out through all of these avenues have contributed to the strength and courage that our family and precious daughter have felt  throughout this current phase in Meara's journey.

More updates coming...likely tomorrow when we know more.

Love and peace to all of you,
Aaron & Megan

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