Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Preparing for Surgery...

Awake and tuned in.  That's what I would call this past week.  Moving past the exhaustion and feeling the strength that comes from turning in and just hitching a ride on the gentle waves that are coming our way.

You know, life sure isn't easy.  And I'm not talking about traffic or stale coffee.  I'm talking about the really difficult stuff.  Like deciding to put our precious daughter through another brain surgery.  Or reconciling the fact that my baby brother passed away at the age of 27.  

But what I've decided is that it is worth living.  Because as much as these things hurt, bringing me down to the cold, unrelenting and punishing pavement, scraping my bloody knees...there isn't anything else that can possibly remind me of how lucky we are to be surrounded by love...and compassion.

There are those of you that have reached out to us this past week or so and it has reminded me that life doesn't have to be easy.  We just have to wake up and not take a single thing for granted. 

There is hope that lives in each and every one of us.  We can choose to share that hope.  We can choose to reach out and take a chance on someone.  Take a chance and be honest and vulnerable.  Like a gospel prayer that lives in the sweet melody of unbridled suffering and loss.  It reigns in each one of us.  And it can save lives.  It can inspire strangers.  It can heal relationships.  It is a sweet reminder that we all need connection in order to survive this complicated and desperate world that is doing everything it can to keep us from really knowing each other.  I mean really knowing each other.

Thank you for being there for my family.  Thank you for reaching out and showing your love.  Meara is running into the arms of each and every one of you.  She is ringing a beautiful message into every one of our souls…and bringing us closer to each other and the sense of worth that we all desire.

I will do my best starting on Wednesday (November 13) to keep a daily blog on Meara's surgery and recovery.  I will use Facebook to post the blog but otherwise am depending on phone calls, email, or even texts to keep in touch.  Megan has also posted an update on the GiveForward site as well.  Peace to all of you.


Meara's Brave Journey Continues (fundraising page):

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