Saturday, February 15, 2014

Staying another night, fluid building back up...

Staying another night.  From a neurological standpoint Meara is cleared.  Everything looks good except the fluid has built back up and they just want to make sure it doesn't get any bigger or that it doesn't spring a leak.  In some cases it could take time for the shunt to drain properly so it doesn't necessarily indicated a problem yet.  If the fluid continues to build then I guess we start discussing other scenarios.  For now, it is a wait and see.

Originally, we were supposed to go home this morning after rounds.  Ah. Nothing ever goes according to plan.

I did get her to walk to the bathroom this morning though.  And then I wheeled her downstairs in a wheelchair to visit the cafeteria and we ended up walking all corners of the hospital.  We were probably out of the room for a good two hours.  She wanted to stay out of the room.  That is a good sign I would guess.

While we are still here figuring out next steps with Meara, Ainsley is learning how to be a punk rocker from her friend, Mason.  Although, I'm realizing this might be considered her first date. Oof. Thanks Lisa and Martin for taking her in today!

We also want to thank Lumy and William for taking care of Ainsley all day yesterday.  She had a wonderful time playing with Rose...two peas in a pod they are.  Thanks Lumy for always reminding us that it takes a village.  Life is beautiful indeed.

Peace everyone. 

Much love,
Aaron & Megan

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