Friday, February 14, 2014

Shunt Surgery and Recovery

Meara's surgery went okay. The surgeon said the shunt was a little fussy, just because of the space, scar tissue, fluid area etc, so it took a little longer than they had planned but they got it in. Meara woke up in a lot of pain in the recovery room. She's been getting some narcotics to help with that. She has a total of six incisions, three on her head, one on her neck, and two on her belly area. She's getting IV antibiotics through tomorrow, and we'll see how she's managing the pain. She was in too much pain to get up and use the bathroom this afternoon. She's gotten more active throughout the evening. We've been playing tic tac toe, drawing, reading her valentines, and eating m&ms.  I'm here with Meara tonight. Megan didn't really sleep last night so hoping she'll get better rest at home. Last dose of IV antibiotic in the morning. Hoping they'll discharge sometime throughout the day.

Megan and I realized on Monday...this makes hospital stay number ten for Meara. In five years. Countless EEGs, MRIs, PET scans, SPECT scan, ketogenic diet, a few ER visits, drains, and four surgeries on her brain and head. So here is to our princess warrior who deserves a freaking break. Can't wait to see her back on her bicycle, going down the slide at the pool, playing at recess with her school friends, and having her birthday party. She's earned a childhood many times over.

And, good luck to any future boyfriend/mate. He better be some kind of amazing. I'll have some pretty high expectations and then some. I was thinking as she was in the recovery room today...that all I want in life is for her to be happy and to be loved. Everything else...well, is everything else.

Much love to everyone. Thank you for sharing in Meara's brave journey...

All our love,
Aaron & Megan

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