Monday, February 10, 2014

Admitted to Hospital

Meara was admitted to children's hospital this afternoon. She might have had some leakage from her head and so they wanted to put in a subdural drain (this will be her third one) to drain the CSF and collect it for a culture. If by Thursday there is no evidence of infection they will go ahead and perform the shunt surgery on Friday. If there is a infection they cannot put the shunt in, instead they would perform a surgery to install a more permanent drain into her brain and put her on IV antibiotics. They didn't give a timeline for that scenario. We're obviously rooting for the shunt surgery on Friday.

Megan is in the hospital with Meara all week. I'm at work and home. I'm running really low on days off so trying to conserve. Ainsley isn't allowed to be at the hospital because of flu season restrictions (no visitors under age 13) so finding childcare during the day and then me and Ainsley in the evenings. Thanks to James, Bethany, Beth, and Chris for covering our Tuesday and Wednesday. Can't tell you how much this means.

Sorry so short. Going to be in the thick of it so not sure about timely updates but will update as we know anything important.

Love to all,
Aaron & Megan

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