Monday, January 27, 2014

Moving Along...

Hi All,

Meara had a PET scan on Tuesday morning.  She had an IV put in while awake and then was given the radioactive tracer.  The test took about 45 minutes and after she woke up from the anaesthesia we went to the cafeteria to eat some french fries and chocolate milk.

Megan and Ainsley arrived at the hospital in the afternoon and we met with Meara's neurosurgeon. He looked at the images from the petscan and said that since her fluid is squishy and she isn't in pain that he wants to wait on the shunt.  Right now she fluctuates between normal and 101 but Infectious Diseases doesn't seem concerned about it at this point.  She's acting normal around the clock and it doesn't seem to be affecting her activity level or comfort. 

So we meet with the neurosurgeon in three months and wait and see in the mean time.  Meara is cleared for P.E. and recess at school (the incision on her head healed up really nice).

We are just plugging along...we have a overnight hospital stay in March for a 24 hr EEG to find out if Meara is having seizures.  Wish for the best.

Love to all...

Aaron & Megan   

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  1. This seems like a good report. Thanks for the update. Thinking of you and continuing to pray for Meara and your family. Every day is a gift.