Monday, January 20, 2014

Meara's Brave Journey...and the ramblings of her Dad

I've reached a point in my "reflecting" where I've realized the blurry line I've created within Meara's Brave Journey, the blog.

There have been quite a few entries that have little to do with Meara's treatment (if any at all) and are more of just the rumblings that I've been motivated to unleash upon the electronic frontier.

So, I think it might be appropriate for me to have a alternative space to capture my more spiritual, reflective, moments of angst and redemption type of stuff so that way Meara's Brave Journey is just that - Meara's actual brave journey.

Here is a link to a blog that I'll update from time to time with random thinking.  It will most likely just be between me and myself, and that it perfectly okay and appropriate.  I'll think of it as a conversation with my inner self…if anything other than to release my deepest thoughts into electronic superspace so I can then move on about the daily routine.  Or, perhaps I can connect with some of you out there and engage in some dialogue related to keeping serenity and hope at the forefront of our existence.

Meara has a petscan tomorrow morning and then we meet with the surgeon at 1:00.  We are hoping he'll have a plan regarding the fluid in Meara's head.  Shunt or otherwise.  She is thriving at home and at school and is surrounded by love.  I'll update Meara's Brave Journey tomorrow evening when we know more…

Our love and heaping mounds of peace,

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