Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hospital Stay

Last time I wrote (concerning medical treatment) we had a January stay to follow up on Meara's seizure return. They determined from the EEG that the seizures are coming from the insula area. 

Today we checked in for a five day stay to have spect scans and EEG. The spect scans will include an injection of radioactive dye at the onset of a seizure and then she will be wheeled down for the scan. These scans will determine a "address" within the insula.

Then, once the the doctors have conferenced and determined whether she is a surgery candidate once again, Megan and I take a long hard look (along with a massive amount prayer and reflection) to determine if we feel it is in Meara's best interest to go in and remove more (and incur more deficits) or if we should let her continue to live with the seizures. 

No decisions to be made this week. Just information gathering. She's a trooper. She's excited to be in the hospital and be pampered. 

Love to all! Courage and peace in abundance...

Aaron & Megan

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