Monday, October 3, 2016 keeps stealing moments.

You know you've wrecked your garden when you neglect it. Better yet, in my case... I've planted the seeds too deep.

If it all were to make sense I would have figured this out a long long time ago. Problem is no one comes around enough. Speaking of my fits of clarity of course. 

I now know that whatever is meant to follow in step with this life I've apparently chosen...well, I've managed to find bits of peace of mind.

I have a marriage worth more than anything that you can dream up. Love like ours is something that doesn't happen that often. For someone to love me through these's something she was born for. Who else could walk my side and love me this much? No one else.

I have three daughters, their hearts beat in rhythm and but their melodies are chimes that bend to the wind...always at the mercy of their own yearning. The wind bellows and it steals the song right out of their hearts...for all of us to hear.

God, grant me the time to take all of this in. Give me strength and tenacity to keep turning the pages.

Driving...driving...into the wind.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your heart with us, Aaron. I love your words and your honest vulnerability. You are finding your way, and that's all of us can do. One step at a time we stumble forward. You're doing a great job on your journey! It's a continual challenge, but you are up to it.