Thursday, March 20, 2014

Neurosurgery Visit and Update...

Megan took Meara for a checkup today with neurosurgery.  Things are looking on the up.  We've been wrapping her head with the ace bandage but less each day.  Now we are only going to keep it wrapped at night and let her be free of it during the day.  The fluid pretty much is draining.  Every now and then it'll build up a little down by her ear and cheek but then it will disappear…hopefully meaning that the shunt is doing it's job.  Booyah.

So, she is looking like regular Meara, acting like regular Meara, and we are living each day with optimism that this is going to be the next step toward reclaiming her childhood.  Not that she hasn't been able to be a kid throughout all of this…just hoping that she (and we) can do so without the constant trips/visits to the hospital.

I was listening to Arvo Part's "Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten" for string orchestra and bell this evening.  Sat at the dinner table while listening and writing out a to do list for the morning…literally wept onto the paper.  And the to do list turned into this:

The bell tolls…and the ice melts, disappearing into the green grass.  An awakening, a rebirth…a capsule that dissolves into trajectories of new beginnings.  We are blessed.  We are strong.  We are weak yet determined.  We are…human.  Meara has given us a gift that we will be unwrapping for the rest of our lives…and we are grateful.

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