Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Surgery Date

Hi All,

We have a tentative surgery date of Wednesday, November 13.  Meara will be admitted that day and have resective surgery of her right frontal lobe.  It is one surgery (not like the two surgeries requiring grids last time) so she'll be moved to the ICU after surgery until she is stable enough to be moved to a room for recovery upstairs.  We should count on a week at least up there for physical therapy and for her head to start healing.  I imagine she'll be on the same big pain meds that she was on last time.  The morphine seemed to work the best.  I'll be taking a week and a half off from teaching and then I'll have the following week off for Thanksgiving break.  I'm hoping we'll be home by then but just in case at least Megan can count on me being off for two and a half weeks.  

Thank you for all of the positive thoughts and vibes mentioned to us in person, electronically, and felt in our hearts.  It makes a huge difference to focus on the good and have gratitude for what we have.  I think that Meara deserves the best Megan and I can deliver in terms of support and love.  It helps us remain strong for her when we have such a loving support system to help lift us up too.

She's been seizing a lot lately.  Just came off of a camping trip where I slept next to her in the camper and Megan and I noticed the seizures have increased a great deal.  She's also had several while awake which is not a common thing for her in the past.  Must be a sign that we are making the right decision to follow through with the surgery.

In the mighty words of the Milk Carton Kids…kinda says what this journey can be like most of the time:  "The road is winding and it's barely lit, you never know how far you're really gonna get.  But when you live here you just learn to get used to it."

So even though the road is barely lit and we don't know exactly what we will get, we will learn to get used to it…no matter what.  We hope, pray, and believe for seizure control.  No matter what happens Meara will be loved beyond measure and we will be there to embrace her and give her strength.  

Peace and love to everyone.  

Aaron & Megan

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