Saturday, February 2, 2013

EMU Stay: A walk in the park?

It's hard to imagine a 24 hour video EEG as being a walk in the park, but after watching Meara undergo two brain surgeries, a brain infection, and spending the entire month of August in the hospital, one night was a piece of cake.  Is it odd that when we arrived on the floor it felt like a second home? The walls are all too familiar. The pull out "bed" is still uncomfortable. The view is the same. Thinking back to our first EMU admission in October 2008 when Meara was only three months old, everything was new and unfamiliar and unsettling. This time we knew what was going to happen and had some familiar faces along the way. The nurses and EEG techs are so wonderful. Several of them remember Meara and were happy to see her, although not under these circumstances. Meara is so amazing. What kid loves to go to the hospital? Meara was excited to go spend the night in the hospital. She enjoys the bed, food and special attention. Luckily she didn't have to worry about any pain this time around. In the less than 24 hours we were there she got a little backpack with a bear and other goodies, made valentines for her classmates, as well as a surprise visit from Colorado Rockies Outfielder Erik Young Jr. Meara happily walked out of the hospital, excited to go pick up Ainsley and head home. Thank you to the Brittenhams and the Shorts for taking such good care of Ainsley so we could focus on Meara. I don't even think she missed us, although we did miss her. For now, we continue on with a higher level of medicine to see if it will help stop Meara's seizures. For now, we continue to watch Meara love, laugh and live. We are so lucky to be her parents.

(Note: Just to prove I'm not a blog hog - Megan wrote this one)


  1. Very cute picture! It reminds me of the one Dakota had. We had the EEG techs wrap up a stuffed Mickey Mouse with gauze so he could see that it wouldn't hurt. Our hearts and prayers are with you during this time.

  2. Hey Douglas, how are things with you and the family. It's got to be tough on all of you with your deployment. We think of you, Tifara, Dakota, and Cheyenne almost every day. Knowing that we have you in our lives helps make this journey less lonely. Our kids are a strong community of fighters...brave and resilient. Thank you for your service both to our country and to our own family in particular. You are a blessing in our lives. Peace, Aaron